Software & Facilities

Sentry has developed several unique apps and platforms to ease up the processes for clients, partners, and staff.

Non-emergency Medical Transportation Web Portal

Sentry is a full-service broker focused on the management of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation.

We provide our clients and partners with proprietary technologies and transparent reports to maintain industry-leading service quality.

Sentry’s software platform seamlessly connects healthcare members and providers, insurance companies, NEMT transportation providers, and drivers.

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Driver Mobile App

Sentry Driver Mobile App eases up communication with drivers. They receive notifications with all the info about each ride every time it is dispatched to them.

Drivers use the same app to contact passengers and find out about booking changes or special requests, while fleet providers use the same app to control drivers' performance.

Dispatch and Routing Software

The platform includes automatizing dispatch and routing tools for drivers with all real-time information about passengers’ requests. It is created to optimize fleet usage. The Driver Mobile App is a vital part of the Dispatch and Routing Software.

Sentry Passenger Application

Sentry Passenger Application allows users to request their preferred transportation providers, contact drivers and the support team, track their cars on the map, and book new rides.

The app is white labeled: health plans can customize the way it looks, add their logo, and use it to communicate with their members.

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