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Sentry Management Solutions is focused exclusively on the management of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. We are a full-service broker with an emphasis on developing strong relationships with our transportation providers. Each provider is supplied with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure industry-leading quality of service and low-cost production. Sentry’s fully-integrated software platform seamlessly connects patients, healthcare providers, insurers, and transportation providers, offering complete transparency of the NEMT supply chain.

What’s New in HIT?

Sentry Management Solutions is the first Health Information Technology (“HIT”) provider committed to optimizing the Non-Emergency Transportation industry. We aim to facilitate the flow of information between healthcare providers, patients, insurers, and transportation providers, offering solutions that help better coordinate and manage patient care.

The SentryMS Platform provides the umbrella framework to drive the comprehensive management of NEMT operations across computerized systems, and facilitates the secure information exchange between patients, healthcare providers, insurers, and transportation providers. HIT systems are increasingly viewed as the most promising tool for improving the overall quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare. Our team specializes in identifying major supply-chain inefficiencies, and builds tailored HIT solutions to help our Clients reduce costs while maintaining industry leading quality of service.

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