How it works

Sentry carefully thinks through all the steps of each ride, delivering care and comfort to passengers and convenient solutions to transportation providers. Our service starts from the very booking and finishes with receiving feedback as we opt for never-ending improvements.

Every trip follows these
care providing steps

Trip reservation is entered into Sentry’s transportation platform via phone call, website, app, or automated process.

Sentry’s dedicated support team reviews & confirms specific trip details, ensuring the reservation information is accurate, meets the passenger's needs, & is cost-effective.

Routers & dispatchers, utilizing experience & analytics, determine what transportation provider across Sentry’s network is optimal.

The designated transportation provider assigns a credentialed vehicle/driver to the trip’s pickup location.

All information about the trip from the transportation provider is instantly sent to Sentry’s system.

When the vehicle arrives, the passenger is notified, picked up, & brought to their destination.

The trip is monitored by the Sentry team from beginning to end in real-time to ensure on-time, successful transportation service delivery.

Sentry’s customer service contacts the passenger, driver, & facility to coordinate effective pick-ups, and drop-offs, & gather feedback.

Sentry’s Approach:
5 Themes

Managing Operations

1. Serve Plan 2. Compliance 3. Transportation provider network
Ramp up Collecting all the information about the trip
List requirements Figuring out all the preferences and aspects
Validation Collecting all the information about the trip
Control compliance implementation Choosing a relevant transport company
Recruit, train, & onboard Choosing the best employees and making them even better
Deploy drivers Always testing and screening the drivers
Observe and learn Leading the never-ending quality control
4. Team 5. Technology 6. Customer service & support
Engage the team Highly motivated team working on the common goal
System operations Organize a system for planned operations
Lead features Adjusting dashboards to each trip
Avoid pitfalls & oversights Checking the performance constantly
Ideate & outline Working on improvement for better service
Establish solutions up Searching for advanced and prospective solutions
Assess & monitor Provide online monitoring and gather feedback on a progress

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