Our Approach

New York Focus

As an ambitious and growing New York State-based company, we are committed to being part of the success, growth and increasing mobility for our region. New York is home to hundreds of car service companies and we value like-minded local transportation providers who are looking for opportunities to expand and to make transportation accessible to all New Yorkers.

Extensive Operational & Implementation Experience

Sentry conducts thousands of daily trips, leveraging a network of over 150 transportation providers. Our success in managing major contracts speaks directly to our ability to staff, launch, scale, and operate the multi-modal components of broker-based NEMT programs.

Culture of Customer Service Excellence & Teamwork

With a company culture focused on delivering exceptional customer service, we believe in a robust call center program with well-trained, diverse personnel reinforced by pro-active management participation and quality assurance procedures. Our industry leading ratio of call center supervisors to staff directly relates to lower complaint rates and to 95% resolution of same-day grievances.

Robust Regulatory & Contract Compliance Framework

Sentry utilizes best-in-class industry resources to provide the framework for our comprehensive compliance framework based on safety, professionalism and quality. We work closely with our clients and transportation providers to ensure training and performance is aligned to meet regulatory or contract needs – from ADA or FTA regulations, sensitivity training, drug and alcohol testing programs, etc.

Transportation Industry Scale & Knowledge

Our management team leverages lessons learned as we continue to expand our operations – including from both contracting services and our transition to direct transportation management. We can confidently say no broker has more recent experience in launching and scaling new contracts – and our management team has more recent experience because no manager has ever left Sentry.