About Us

Sentry, a New York State and Minority-Owned Business, is the fastest growing transportation broker in the Greater New York Region. Our emphasis on the New York region has allowed us to focus on the various transportation solutions unique to our home state, driving industry-leading quality of service at competitive rates. We are passionate about what we do and work hard to leverage our knowledge so that all of our clients, customers and transportation providers benefit.

Meet the team

Steven Rivera, CEO and Co-Founder

Steven brings over 20+ years of experience in hospital administration, healthcare membership programs, and integrating healthcare-related services. A strategic thinker with a track record in launching new programs in the healthcare space, he is especially passionate about leveraging technology to improve access to essential services.

David Skehan, COO

David is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Sentry and has successfully managed all components of our healthcare transportation program launches through actively engaging with clients to align and to deploy dedicated company resources to oversee every aspect of implementation. His background in accounting and financial analysis informs his emphasis on harnessing data to inform critical decision making -- which helps us deliver quality, cost-effective programs for our clients and to continuously improve key performance indicators.

Max Zinner, Head of Enterprise Risk Management

Max ensures performance and compliance with all contract requirements and implements customized risk controls through the development of company-wide frameworks. His thorough approach to identifying and pro-actively addressing risk and opportunities means Sentry is constantly optimizing our workflows and technology enhancements.

Ilya Gorzib, Head of Member Services

Ilya joined Sentry in late 2016, and has successfully grown Sentry’s customer service department, the largest department by headcount, through multiple years of triple digit volume growth. Ilya works with Sentry’s clients to implement any customized communication protocols that they may require by developing a deep understanding of its member services goals and implementing specialized training for our supervisory and customer service corps. Ilya also takes an active role in training our clients’ staff on how to use Sentry’s web-based reservation management platform, and has, in the past, provided on-site support for clients. On an ongoing basis, Ilya is a great point of contact for Sentry’s clients, with broad operational knowledge in customer service, product support, transportation procurement, and issue management.

Ariel Rodriguez, Head of Network Management

Ariel has over 10 years of experience in the NYC NEMT market, having worked with one of the largest NEMT providers in NYC prior to joining Sentry in early 2016. Ariel, through his extensive knowledge of the local transportation market, has proven an invaluable resource and the know-how and best practices that he brings to Sentry’s routing operation makes our routing corps the best in business. Ariel’s team motto is “no reservations go unserved”, and his team, rarely, if ever, is unable to arrange transportation for Members. In addition to overseeing trip distribution at Sentry, Ariel also oversees vendor management. Ariel works with Sentry’s compliance officer to credential and onboard providers, and he ensures that the companies are properly trained and setup for service during implementation and prior to new contract launches.

John Skehan, Head of Quality Assurance

John joined Sentry during our company’s product development stage before its launch in June 2016 and has broad and extensive company knowledge having participated in member services, network management, and utilization management activities throughout his tenure. This broad experience makes John a strong fit for overseeing quality control initiatives across the company’s various departments. John also oversees the company’s real-time monitoring team; whose primary purpose is to utilize Sentry’s access to real-time service information to identify and prevent issues before they arise. During implementation, John works with Sentry’s clients to help them understand Sentry’s existing grievances and appeals protocols, and tailor those protocols as our clients may desire. John also provides training to the Plans’ staff on how to use Sentry’s platform to retrieve grievance data. John oversees the review and resolution of any grievances that may arise throughout the normal course of operations, working with Sentry’s Network Management team to address the root cause of any transportation issues that are identified, and implementing real-time monitoring tasks, as needed, for certain members that may require special attention.